Giving into the Shadows

I've been struggling to find the will or inspiration to write and create for the past few weeks. As the whirlwind of travel dies down and I find myself back in my city, in my home, I still feel ungrounded. The past few weeks have also seen a lot of astral activity, including a lunar and solar eclipse and Mercury going retrograde. My mind and body feel unaligned and honestly, I've been struggling to reconnect.

When I discovered witchcraft as a teenager, I felt like I was coming home. Witchcraft has always been a way for me to ground myself, to feel interconnected with the world. Prior to finding my spirituality, I felt very lost. I've recently started receiving monthly tarot readings from a talented witch, Jamila Kani from Black Femme Witches Brew. The readings have cemented what I subconsciously already knew. I've been fighting dealing with my shadows. My shadows have always been there, but as I've grown older and started to find myself and my place in this world, they've become more apparent. Actually, there have been times when I've acknowledged them, and started working on them, but once it'd start to get difficult, I'd run away.

Witchcraft isn't just love and light, as many of you know. It is also mystical, it is shadow and death. Being a witch is recognizing that life, death, and rebirth are all essential aspects of the Universal. You cannot have one without the other. I acknowledge that the Dark Mothers are calling me to walk into the shadows, to give in, and to be reborn.

Today, August 11th, 2018, is the New Moon in Leo as well as a great Solar Eclipse. So what a great time to start this journey.

"Oh the power of presence. Our presence = our power.  In each moment we live we have the opportunity to stand in it. Truly stand. 

Our Lion heart is so big. Our need to connect and feel loved is so strong, but sometimes looking for that external validation is what trips us.

Our inner Queen and King remind us to abide in the heart of Love. Roar who we are relative to Creation. Feel in our body that we are worthy and wonderful.

With compassionate love for Self, respect for Self and trust in Self, we can safely stand as Queen and King of our own jungle."


This New Moon, I dedicate myself to growth. To standing in my whole self, which includes standing in my shadows. I acknowledge the depths of myself. Shadow work is not easy, but it necessary in order to move forward from hurt, from trauma, from habits that do not serve us well. As a child I was always drawn in by the dark, by mystery. As I've gown older, I've become fearful of what lies there, in the crevices of my being where I've stored pain and then locked away. Healing can only happen after we've unlocked that pain.

The Dark Mothers are calling to me, and I am finally listening.

Every New Moon is a chance to dedicate or rededicate yourself to growth. I welcome you to join me but on your own journey of healing. If the shadows are calling out to you, don't be afraid to listen. Only by listening to the deepest, most buried parts of yourself may you be reborn into the whole being you were always meant to be.