Creating Metaphysical Boundaries

One of the first things many witches learn, or seek to learn, is how to protect themselves. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. From other people, from natural disaster, from bad luck, or from external energetic forces. When it comes to protection, prevention is key, and the best way to prevent harm is to create boundaries.

Spiritual boundaries can range from rather simple to very complex rituals and spellwork. In this post I'm going to share with you some simple tools you can use to create boundaries in your home and around your person in order to protect yourself from a multitude of different forces.


One of the most powerful ways we can work magick is by speaking it. When we speak, we are sending intentions out into the world through sound, and from our own power without external objects or tools. Prayer is a powerful way to work protection and create boundaries in many spiritualities, this is the same for many Pagans. Below are some prayers I've used through the years. When speaking a prayer, you should focus on the strength and force of your voice. Some witches, when working magick through their voice, will change the pitch or tone of their voices. Whispering can be equally powerful, or even repeating the prayer in your mind while still paying attention to the tone and strength of your voice.

Invocation Before Sleep by Scott Cunningham

Lady of the Moon
Lord of the Sun
Protect me and mine
Now day is done

Prayer for inner strength

Lady, hear my plea
Give me strength, courage, and ease

Tools, Charms, and Trinkets

In addition to prayer, there are a number of tools you can use to create physical boundaries, or to carry with you and create a metaphysical boundary around your person. When it comes to creating a boundary around a space, such as your home, there are quite a few powerful objects you can use.

Broomsticks and Horseshoes

Hanging a broomstick or horseshoe (also mentioned in my post about crafting a magickal home) above your main doorways is a great way to prevent negative energies and forces from entering your space. You can even get creative and make your own broomstick or horseshoe, or decorate one you buy or already have! Creating your own tools, or adding your touch to one, is a great way to tie it to yourself. Make sure to cleanse and consecrate these objects before hanging them. You can do this by wafting the smoke of palo santo or sage over them and saying some words of power, such as:

Bless in the name
of the Gods and Goddesses
In the name of Spirit and
the Air, the Earth, Fire and Water
So mote it be!

Some say you should hang horseshoes with the legs upward to prevent good luck and blessings from draining out, and some say you should hang them with the legs down to shower those who pass under it with good luck. So, it's up to you! Broomsticks, also known as besoms, can be hung horizontally above doorways.

Salt boundaries

You can also create a salt boundary around your space using raw salt or black salt. Black salt is known for driving away and keeping away negative forces. It's also used for banishing and breaking hexes, as well as crafting them. You can purchase black salt from a multitude of different places, including on WiccanWay, TheMagickalCat, Amazon, and, sometimes, in your local supermarket.

To create a salt boundary, simply sprinkle salt across doorways, windowsills, and other entryways. Or you can sprinkle the salt around the outside perimeter of your property. You can also use natural salt to open a circle and create sacred space, or use black salt when working with hexes, curses, banishments, and bindings.

Crystals and Charms

You can carry cleansed and charged crystals with you to create boundaries around your person. The best stones for this would be those that are known for their protective properties, such as moonstone, obsidian, fluorite, or smoky quartz, among many others.

In addition to carrying crystals, you can also craft charms to protect yourself. Charms can be necklaces, bracelets, or objects you carry with yourself that have been blessed. A blessing includes cleansing and consecrating an object. A good time to do this is under the Full Moon. One way to create a charm is to cleanse the object with smoke (from sage, or another purifying herb), hold it in your hands and speak words of power, then lay it under the full moon to charge. Your words of power can be something along the lines of:

With intent, I speak this charm
All be blessed and none be harmed
This is my will, so mote it be!

For necklace charms, a great idea would be to get a vile that you can fill with protective herbs, small crystal fragments, and even written words of power on paper.




One of my favorite ways of creating boundaries is visualization. I use this method before I walk out the door during the day and when I'm about to go to bed at night. The method I use during the day is called the "zipper". This visualization exercise has helped me feel more safe both physically and mentally before leaving my home. Stand straight up, feet together. Imagine there's a giant zipper running the length of your body. Starting from the bottom, imagine that the zipper is zipping upward along your body all the way to the crown of your head. As you zip take deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. This silent meditation can help you take a moment to ground and center yourself before having to interact with the world outside.

Before going to bed, I like to visualize a bright white or blue light starting from within me and emanating outward until it has grown large enough to fill the room and create a bubble around me. I usually also say a night time prayer as I do this exercise.

So there you have it! A few different ways to create metaphysical boundaries around your home and person!
Feel free to share some other methods you use in the comments. I'd love to read them!