Welcome 2018: An Open Letter


Happy New Year, loves! We begin 2018 with a powerful Full Moon in Cancer! With our world in turmoil, the constant bombarding of bad news (insert "fake news" joke here), the violence and the anger, 2017 left us with a call to action. The world was plunged into darkness and yet, as always, the spark of life was reignited and the light was reborn. 2018 is calling us to recenter ourselves, meditate on the inner and micro, and renew our sense of peace. It is fitting then, that we begin again with our moon in Cancer. We flow into this new year, bathing in the waters of rebirth and are reinvigorated with determination and vision. The new year is always a time of intention and goal setting. However, this Full Moon is especially fitting after the difficult year we've left behind. Transformation is possible only after we have dealt with the past, so it is important that we make peace with last 12 months in order for our goals to come to fruition this year. Meditate inwardly, be honest and truthful with yourself, identify your growth from that past year and set your intentions based in that newfound knowledge. 2017 is set in stone, however 2018 is unknown and this provides great potential that can be manipulated for better or for worse. The consequences of the past year will continue to materialize as this year moves forward, and so it is important to ground and center ourselves in our personal lives in order to prepare for what will come at us on the macro level.

This supermoon is especially potent and powerful in its magic. So meditate, charge your crystals, craft your magical elixirs, raise energy, and connect with the divine within you. Begin this year with renewed integration and connection with Spirit.  Let this be a time of self-development, it may seem selfish with all that has and is happening in the world, but you cannot take on the "powers that be" without your mental, physical, and spiritual health in tact and in full force. Take care of yourself now. Know that the divine presence within you is powerful and infinite. And then let that knowledge drive you forward.

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