How to survive when Mercury's in retrograde

In day-to-day life, communication is key. The ways in which we communicate with others affects every aspect of our lives. That being said, everyone has moments of miscommunications, where what we've said is misread, or we've misspoken, or we can't accurately articulate our thoughts. So, when mercury decides to go retrograde and throws a wrench in the cosmic communication cogs, well, let's just say it's not very pretty. Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and honesty, and travel. It also rules the astrological signs gemini and virgo. Gemini is an air sign that is known for valuing communication, expression, and wit while virgo is an earth sign known for being analytical, detail-oriented, and practical. When Mercury goes retrograde, or appears to be going backwards, our use of these skills and abilities tend to go awry.

Mercury happens to be going retrograde for the last time this year from December 3rd to December 23rd, 2017. So what can you expect during Mercury's retrograde?

  • You can expect your virgo and gemini friends to be feeling especially effected and off.
  • Since Mercury rules travel, making travel plans during this time may be difficult.
  • Mercury rules communication, so industries like marketing, public relations, journalism, or anything concentrated in communications may be negatively affected.

It sounds pretty bad, but there are some steps that you can take to breeze through these few weeks without getting burned. While Mercury is in retrograde, this provides us an excellent opportunity to take a step back and move through the world with renewed purpose. You may find yourself refocusing your attention on a project that has dropped off your list of priorities. This is also an excellent time to adopt a go with the flow attitude. Sometimes we really can't control everything we want to control, and learning to accept this is a great skill in itself.

Here are some tips on surviving and managing during this tumultuous time:

  • Back up your tech! Make sure you've backed up your data to "the cloud" or wherever it is that you keep your photos safe.
  • People are prone to miscommunications during this time, so be sure to ask for clarification when you need it.
  • Try not to make large purchases. While mercury's in retrograde, we may have the propensity to make purchases without fully thinking them through.
  • Read the small print! If you do end up making a big purchase, get that warranty. And, if you're signing any contracts, make sure you know what your putting your name on the dotted line for.
  • Jump back into projects you've cast aside. You may find that you have a new perspective!
  • Try carrying crystals known for their communication enhancing abilities, like aquamarine, and stones good for concentration, like agate. Citrine is helpful for creativity!
  • Spray some essential oils. My Mercury Retrograde Relief spray will fill your home with a lovely lavender scent and the energies of some great crystals.

Good luck!