Crystals 101: Intro to Crystal Healing


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Welcome back to Crystals 101! Here we'll chat about how to start using crystals for your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. There are many ways we can use crystals for healing, including wearing them in jewelry, creating crystal grids, incorporating them into spellcraft, meditating with them, drinking "crystal elixirs," or just carrying them on your person. In this post we'll focus on the properties of some popular and easy to obtain crystals.



Amethyst is well known for its ability to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Associated with the third eye and crown chakras, it lends itself well to creative endeavors and strengthens the imagination. Amethyst can do more than just promote good dreams though! It can help relieve headaches, and is rumored to support bones and joints.



Aquamarine is known for aiding communication. It can assist with letting go of emotional issues, such as releasing anger, and has a very soothing, calming vibrational energy. Aquamarine is believed to be highly protective during pregnancy. It is also believed to regulate hormones, boost the immune system, and help with allergies.



Agate has a strong, stabilizing vibration to help create balance, keeping you calm and focused. It is a optimistic stone and can fill you with inspiration by stimulating your mind. Great for multitaskers! It can help ease anxiety. Agate is also known for its ability to bring abundance and fulfillment, especially in areas of finance.



Bloodstone is believed to help regulate blood pressure and support the circulatory system. Spiritually, it is a great stone to carry when life events feel overwhelming. Bloodstone is known for its ability to absorb emotional pain and can provide comfort during intense, stressful situations. Bloodstone is a highly protective stone, especially in the event of threats of physical violence or psychic attacks.



Citrine can assist with creative blockages by boosting concentration, memory, and sparking the imagination. Citrine is known as a spiritual cleanser, you can use it to cleanse and charge other nearby stones. It is an excellent tool to rejuvenate your spirit, and it is great for self-improvement. Citrine acts as a purifier, and is rumored to help counteract the harmful effects of pharmaceutical medicines.



Garnet can help with back pain and treating calcium deficiency. It is believed to have the ability to rid the body of toxins, as well as cleanse the mind and spirit. It is a great stone for harnessing your inner strength and promoting higher thinking. This stone can bring you inspiration and the charisma to achieve your goals.



Jade is another great stone for multitasking, no matter what you're juggling in life, jade will help keep you in balance. It's a terrific confidence booster and is also know as a lucky stone. Jade can help you find purpose and realize your full potential in current and future endeavors. Jade can also help calm the nervous system and reduce pains associated with cramps, joints, and bones.

Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli is known as a great manifestation stone. It promotes critical thinking and will empower you while also protecting you from psychic and physical attacks. It is a great stone for both spiritual and professional growth. Lapis Lazuli is particularly helpful in boosting the immune system and treating ailments such as migraines, vertigo, and PMS.



Onyx is a powerful stone to rid your home of negative energies. Onyx can also open the chakras to provide a healthier flow of energies, leaving you feeling more vibrant and energetic. This is a great stone for first impressions, because it will open the world to the best version of yourself and rid any negative perceptions. It can help give you confidence in public speaking situations and help you get your point across more convincingly. Onyx is also believed to promote the sensory organs, particularly improving hearing.



Opal is known as a stone of inspiration and creativity. It can enhance your cosmic consciousness and strengthen psychic visions. It will encourage you to express your true self and to be comfortable in your own skin. However, be careful because opal is a highly absorbent stone and will reflect your thoughts and emotions back to you, even magnify them. Be sure to program this stone accurately before using it. Opal is believed to help in detoxifying and regenerating the liver. It is also believed to help purify the blood and kidneys.



Topaz is believed to be able to balance hormones and combat signs of aging. It radiates a soothing, healing vibration that stimulates and regenerates. It will bring intense clarity on your intentions, and can assist with your ability to learn new things by increasing your attention span. For these reasons, it is very effective when used during meditation or for affirmation and visualization. It will remove any stagnant energies.

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