What is Magick?


Magick is our natural, innate ability to create change in the Universe. Through thought, speech, and action we create magick that ripples through our immediate surroundings and into the greater world. Magick is simply action + intention. Our biology mirrors that of the Earth and the greater Universe. We are made from the same elements as stars. Therefore, we are inherently tied to the world. Our thoughts and actions are vibrations we send out which in turn shapes our world. To work magick is to cast a spell, to say a prayer, or to meditate on a goal. Ritual is one of the most powerful ways we work magick. It is a purposeful way of mixing intention and action. Spellwork is very similar to a church ritual. The difference is, when witches cast spells, they are drawing on the powers that lay within them and the powers that shape the Universe (sometimes identified as deities) in order to manifest change. This philosophy allows that we are the most powerful beings in our own lives, which can be scary to some. You, single handedly, hold the tools to shape your life in whatever way you see fit.

This does not mitigate the fact that there are external forces that may shape our world. Oppression, illness, and natural disaster are all external issues we face that may hinder our ability to control our own lives. This is why it is important for magick workers and witches to face these issues head on and be advocates for a more just world. After all, we are all children of the same Universe. And by that logic, we are also inherently tied to one another, through shared humanity and by our composition from the same elements.

So, what is magick? Magick is the invisible thread that links us to each other, to the planet, to this galaxy, and to the greater Universe. YOU are magick. Your voice, your thoughts, your actions are all magick.

Author's Note: This is my personal philosophy surrounding the concept of magick that I have crafted after much study and based on personal opinion. I would love to hear your opinions of how you conceiveĀ of magick in the comments below!