Recurring Numbers. What do they mean?

Have you ever noticed a number or number sequence so often that you feel as though it's following you? Have you noticed these numbers recur during similar situations or circumstances? If so, the universe may be giving you a sign. There have long been several of what I'd call "fad phenomenons" with numbers. For example, the 11:11 phenomenon that had people making wishes every time the clock would strike that time. Numerologists say that recurring numbers are a warning or sign from the universe telling you to pay attention to your circumstances. Psychologists would most likely argue that it's placebo effect and that we are actively looking for these numbers. However, there are metaphysicists that believe numbers carry significant messages, and some thinkers have held beliefs that we can narrow the entirety of existence down the a numerical code. For as long as I can remember the numbers 1, 4, and 7 have followed me around, often appearing together as "147" or "1047", and other variations. I have also always felt an affinity for the number 3. I consider it to be my lucky number. I have searched for the meaning of my recurring 147 and have learned that many numerologists suggest deducing number sequences down to a singular number. So I did, 1+4+7=12. Then 1+2=3.

What a coincidence! I guess I can now say with confidence that the number 3 is my lucky number. If you have a number or number sequence that follows you around, here are common meanings associated with each number. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell you something about yourself and/or your life. Or maybe it's just placebo.

represents the primordial being. It often represents new beginnings, ambition, and action. If you often see this number, the universe could be telling you that it's time to take action. That could be a passion of yours that you've left on the back burner, perhaps a business idea, a travel dream, etc.

2 represents duality and balance. It can also represent judgement. This number may appear in your life when it's time to make an important choice. It also signifies conflict and opposition. This choice may not be an easy one, but it's necessary to make. Time to stick to your guns.

3 deals with the area of magic in terms of intuition, expression, and creativity. It symbolizes success in new creative undertakings. If you have an artistic project, this recurring sign is telling you success is near.

4 represents stability. Consider the four seasons, the four cardinal directions, and the four elements. This number represents the need to get back to your roots and center yourself. Make sure the path you're on is the one that is true to who you are.

5 represents motion and adventure. It is an unpredictable number that often shows up when we are about to embark on a new journey. Prepare yourself. This journey could be physical or mental.

6 represents harmony and enlightenment. There are sensitive matters that need your attention, and you must be diplomatic in how you deal with these situations. You may be headed in a path of that will bring you to a spiritual awakening. Your situation will require both spiritual and logical balance.

7 deals with magical forces and represents scholarly magic. It represents a search for meaning. You are on a path that will activate your spiritual awareness and bring you to a deeper understanding of the world and your place in it. Pay special attention to your dreams, and let your imagination run free.

8 deals success & wealth, and represents repetition and cycles. You must stay determined on your path. The momentum will continue to grow the harder you work, and it will pay off in the end. You are on a path of manifestation.

9 represents the highest universal frequency. You are literally vibing with the universe. Nine represents spiritual intellect and the ability to have great influence. You are capable of creating awesome change in your life and, possibly, in the lives of others.