Witch Bottles

Historically, witch bottles have been used for protection and the banishment of negative forces and energies. Traditionally crafted around Samhain, believed to be the time when the veil between our world and the shadow world is at its thinnest, these bottles have protected witches for hundreds of years. Traditional witch bottles are housed in glass or pottery vessels, filled with nails, blades, salt, and other items to banish negativity from one's property. In order to tie the bottle to the owner, sometimes strands of hair, blood, or even urine were included. These bottles were then buried. Witch bottles are also thought to send negative energies back to where they came from, be it a place or even a person.

In modern times, witch bottles are still very useful to banish negativity and protect our homes. We can also create witch bottles for a multitude of different purposes, such as attracting wealth, love, fertility, and more! Read below to learn how to create your own protective witch bottle.

You will need:

  • A glass jar or bottle with a lid
  • Nails, razor blades, pins, or other sharp objects
  • Black salt
  • A black candle
  • A strand of your hair (optional)
  • Herbs with protective magical properties (optional)

Fill the jar about halfway with your sharp items which will reject negative energies, then add a small handful of salt for purification. Add in a strand of your hair, if you'd like, to mark ownership of your bottle. You may also add in protective herbs, like angelica, as a filler. Cap the bottle and seal it with the wax of a black candle. To do this, you can drip hot wax around where the cap meets the opening of the bottle, or do my preferred method of sitting the candle on top of the capped bottle and letting it melt down around the bottle.

Now, you can decide to keep the bottle somewhere in your home permanently or bury it. If you decide to keep it in your home, keep it either hidden away or somewhere where you're sure it won't be disturbed (like an altar).