Inner Strength

Witchcraft as a practice or a religion is all about connecting or reconnecting ourselves with the natural world, the forces of the Universe, and the Divine energies that not only exist around us, but exist within us. We are all created by the same universal elements, and in this commonality we share a Divine relationship with one another. The reason I like the Hindu gesture of "Namaste" is not because of the co-opting and popularization of Hindu Yogi culture in the West. It is because it is such an honest and profound gesture of love and understanding.

The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you.

In a world so torn apart by differences, by the strangeness we find in others, this gesture is a reminder of the sameness we share. Our differences, I believe, are reflections of the multitude of universal truths - the different galaxies, realities, and hidden truths that inhabit and coexist in the world.

To distrust and hate another's strangeness shows a deep fear and misunderstanding of the greater natural world. It is painful when another hates you because of your skin, your beliefs, or your ways of life. The ways in which we relate to one another vastly outnumber the ways in which we do not. We are all made up of atoms, of blood, flesh, and bone. And, even so, there is so much beauty to be found in our differences, our cultures, our languages, our loves and passions, our quirks.

For our planet to heal, we must not only accept, but seek to understand one another. However, I am not foolish to think that this is an easy or immediate remedy. So, until then, I'd like to share this with you. A mantra or chant I use for inner strength. I like to chant it while doing a sun salutation sequence three times, every morning. I hope it helps you love. I hope it helps you heal. Even the tiniest bit.


I call the light of golden rays. I seek protection thus I pray for heavenly forces at my side: angels, sages, spirit guides. Or wolves who walk with cunning skill. Come to my aid, come at my will! Black bird soaring, light my path, so I am the victim to no one's wrath. And, when my journey knows success, all those who aid me, Goddess bless!

-R E Goodwin