Crystals 101: Clearing & Charging


This post is a continuation of the Crystals 101 series. To read the first post about how crystals work, click here. To see all posts in the "Crystals" category, click here. Now that we've learned about crystal energy lattices, and how these energy lattices work and aid us in selecting the appropriate crystals for our life situations, desires, etc., let's chat about how to clear your crystals of previous energies and charge them with renewed intention.

Clearing Crystals Crystals absorb the energies around them and the energies that are placed in them by previous owners or those who have worked with the crystal before you. Routinely clearing of your crystals will ensure that their energy lattices are cleansed of any dull, negative energies that the crystal may have absorbed. Clearing my crystals have become as routine to me as cleansing my makeup brushes! I put it off for as long as possible, but am always so much happier when I finally do get around to it. After all, my makeup brushes always work better after they're cleaned and they're also no longer putting gross bacteria and germs on my face. Similarly with my crystals, they work best when their cleared of dull energies.

Before clearing your stones, perhaps after or even before you have purchased them, take a moment to feel the energies of the stones. A way to feel the energy of the stone is so hold it in your closed non-dominant hand (that being the hand you do not use to write). Close your eyes and envision a light starting from the crystal in your hand going up through your arm all the way to your crown chakra (the top most part of your head). Sometimes you may feel the energy descend down to your other chakras. This meditation will allow you to feel the distinct energies of the crystal. If you do this before clearing your crystal and then again after, you should notice a difference in the intensity of the energy you feel radiate from the stone.

Here are some options for clearing your crystals:

  • Smoke them up with a sage smudge stick or incense (best if you choose an incense that is known for it's cleansing properties like patchouli). My method is to wave the smudge stick or incense in a clockwise motion at least three times or until I feel like the clearing is complete. It's up to your intuition, but I tend to think the stones feel (and sometimes look) brighter in energy. I may also repeat a mantra as I circle the crystal with the incense or stick.
  • Bury the stones in dirt. This may be the dirt of a plotted or outside plant. Just ensure that you don't bury too many close together, and that you don't forget the stones! You may leave them buried for up to 24 hours. A similar option is to bury them in organic brown rice. And, please, do not eat the rice afterward! After all, it's soaked up all the dull, negative energies you just cleared from your stones.
  • Submerge your stones in rain or ocean water for 2-24 hours. Salted water is also an option, however be cautious because salt can cause damage to the stone as well as leech on the the energies from the crystal's lattices. Alternatively, you can hold your stones under cool running water. Do this until you feel the stone is cleared. Similarly to the smoke option, it's up to your intuition.

Charging Stones Once you have cleared your crystals, you can charge them with your intentions. Choosing a crystal with properties that correspond to your intention is useful. For example, I sleep with a charged amethyst crystal until my pillow to ward away nightmares and to help me remember my dreams. Amethyst is known for it's ability to aid psychic power and in divination, which is great for dreamwork.

Some ways you can charge your crystals are:

  • Chanting mantra. Come up with a few empowerment words to chant as you hold the crystal in your dominant hand.
  • Holding the crystal in your dominant hand, close your eyes and envision a white light moving from your heart chakra through your chest and down your arm into the stone. Invoke your intention by visualizing or just thinking about what it is you'd like to achieve. You may do this method as you chant mantra as well.
  • Place the crystal in direct sunlight or moonlight. Using this method, I leave them in the light for up to 12 hours. If you choose sunlight, be cautious because sunlight can fade the stone's color.

It is important that you check in on crystals that you use often. Sit with them and feel their energies. If you find that after clearing the stone it still feels dull, give it a break and let it rest for a while in a sacred space (or in dirt with a plotted or outdoor plant, or on a windowsill that gets good light from the moon).

Once you have cleared and charged your crystals, you can wear them in jewelry, meditate with them, carry them on your person (in a pocket or bag), use them in a crystal grid, or just place them around your home!

I'd love to hear about how these methods worked for you, or if you have any other methods you use.