Crystals 101: How do they work?


Welcome to the 101 series! In this series we will chat about the basics on herbs, essential oils, and crystals. Today's topic are crystals. Crystals are amazing conduits for energy work and healing. First, we'll delve into how they work, and then we'll talk about a few crystals good for every day use.

We are made of water and minerals, the same composition as crystals. Everything holds energy, and crystals are intrinsically linked to us in that way. -Ally Sands


Each crystal has an energy lattice. Theory is that energy lattices are arrangements of atoms that together conduct the crystal's energy vibrations. There are six different crystal lattice structures: Monoclinic, Isometric, Tetragonal, Triclinic, Orthorhombic, and Hexagonal. Each type of lattice structure is a-tuned to a specific need.

Monoclinic crystal structures are known as guardians. They help us to guard what we possess and what we value. They are the defender stones. Example of a monoclinic stone is Malachite. Malachite is also good for deep healing and spiritual growth.

Isometric crystals are known as enhancers. They help us to grow and develop that which we already have. They help us to improve. An example of an isometric crystal is Fluorite. Fluorite is one of my favorite stones. It can help boost self-confidence, ease anxiety, and bring mental clarity.

Tetragonal stone structures are known as attractors. They help bring to us what it is that we desire. Be aware, however, that attractors seem to have a passive energy and work best when used with stones of other crystal structures, especially seekers. Tetragonal stones can be quite rare, such as Zircon which embodies a strong healing energy and can help you develop your intuition (source: healing-crystals-for-you).

Hexagonal crystal structures are known as seekers. Seekers assist you in finding and acquiring what it is that you desire. Black tourmaline is a seeker stone known as the "talisman of luck". It is a powerful protector stone, and can help shield you from negative forces.

Orthorhombic structures are known as dispellers. Dispellers help rid you of what you do not want, such as pain, worry, and even sickness (however, always consult a doctor if you have a physical ailment). Topaz is a great dispeller crystal. It can soothe, heal, and promote truth, good health, and joy (source: charmsoflight).

Triclinic crystal structures are known as barriers. Barriers protect us from what we currently do not have and do not want. They are the great protectors. Moonstone is a popular barrier stone. It can enhance intuition and provide good luck toward love and success. It is also great at stabilizing emotions.

Crystals are great additions to your life and holistic practice. Now that you know how they work and some of their uses, it's important to know how to cleanse them and charge them to your specific intent. We'll talk about that in the next crystal 101.

To learn more about crystal structures and how to use them to your benefit, specifically by creating crystal grids, I recommend Crystal Grids: How to combine and focus crystal energies to enhance your life by Henry M. Mason and Brittani Petrofsky.