Witch Bottles

Historically, witch bottles have been used for protection and the banishment of negative forces and energies. Traditionally crafted around Samhain, believed to be the time when the veil between our world and the shadow world is at its thinnest, these bottles have protected witches for hundreds of years. Traditional witch bottles are housed in glass or pottery vessels, filled with nails, blades, salt, and other items to banish negativity from one’s property. In order to tie the bottle to the owner, sometimes strands of hair, blood, or even urine were included. These bottles were then buried. Witch bottles are also thought to send negative energies back to where they came from, be it a place or even a person.

In modern times, witch bottles are still very useful to banish negativity and protect our homes. We can also create witch bottles for a multitude of different purposes, such as attracting wealth, love, fertility, and more! Read below to learn how to create your own protective witch bottle.

You will need:

  • A glass jar or bottle with a lid
  • Nails, razor blades, pins, or other sharp objects
  • Black salt
  • A black candle
  • A strand of your hair (optional)
  • Herbs with protective magical properties (optional)

Fill the jar about halfway with your sharp items which will reject negative energies, then add a small handful of salt for purification. Add in a strand of your hair, if you’d like, to mark ownership of your bottle. You may also add in protective herbs, like angelica, as a filler. Cap the bottle and seal it with the wax of a black candle. To do this, you can drip hot wax around where the cap meets the opening of the bottle, or do my preferred method of sitting the candle on top of the capped bottle and letting it melt down around the bottle.

Now, you can decide to keep the bottle somewhere in your home permanently or bury it. If you decide to keep it in your home, keep it either hidden away or somewhere where you’re sure it won’t be disturbed (like an altar).

Rose Water: Benefits & Uses

There are tons of benefits to Rose Water! In addition to the beautifully floral smell, it can be used to refresh your physical and spiritual being. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness caused by irritated skin, and help clear acne and eczema. It can be used as a gentle cleanser. In addition to these great skincare properties, roses are associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, as well as ruled by Venus, the fiery and passionate planet. Rose water can be used as a protective agent when worn on the self and on clothes, and roses are generally regarded as good luck charms in love and relationships.

In this post, I’ll teach you how to make your own rose water! This recipe makes a little over 4oz. You can use this rose water to mist your face and overall self for a light perfume and for the skin benefits, or even spray your space with it to promote love and protection from negative energies. First, you’ll need:

  • 1/4 cup rose petals
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • A pot with lid
  • A spray bottle

Place the rose petals in the pot and pour the water over them. Place the lid on the pot and bring the water to a boil. Once the water it boiling, bring the mixture to a simmer and let it sit simmering for 10 minutes, or until the color is completely drained from the petals.

You now have rose water! Pour the water into the spray bottle and mist away. I like to leave the bottle in the fridge so I can use the rose water as a cooling mist. For some extra fun, you can add shimmer powder to your rose water for a glitter effect on the skin. Also, adding a charged rose quartz crystal can aid the protective properties of the rose water as well as help bring loving energies to you and your space.

Crafting a Magickal Home

Creating and maintaining a magickal space is what I had always dreamed of as a teenager. Back then I wanted little fairy houses and twinkle lights lining my room, an altar with a large black metal cauldron to burn resin in, and witchy decor strun about. As I’ve grown older, I’m making my witchy space dreams come true, except it’s a little less dramatic and more purposeful.

My apartment that I share with my girlfriend is slowly becoming the magickal home I see in my mind. We’re growing together, her sporty-vibe mixing with my need for everything to be either black, pink, or turquoise (I know it’s a weird mix, but it works! Think pastel goth). It’s an interesting process melding two completely different aesthetics and personalities into a singular space, and compromise has become the magic word. In this post I want to share with you some fun ways to bring the Craft into your homes, especially if you share space with roommates or partners. And, if you live alone, you’re free to run with these ideas even further.

Spaces in which energy can flow in and out are important to protect. You can do this in a multitude of different ways, but here are some of my favorites. Hang a besom (witches’ broom) or horseshoe above your main door that provides entry to your home. Both are thought to ward off negative energies from entering your space. In addition, bells or chimes that ring when a door is opened can refresh the energies within your space and foster a lively environment.

My favorite way of creating a positively energized space is by growing and caring for plants and flowers. In my living room, I have two windowsills currently packed with flowers and herbs. All living things have divine energy in them, so caring for plants in your home will allow the plants to provide their own energies to your space. Also, growing herbs are great for crafting your own tinctures, teas, and for cooking in general! And, hanging them to dry near windows can definitely contribute to a witchy vibe.

Some great low-maintenance plants to have in your home are orchids, which foster love, spirituality, and emotional support; venus fly traps, which, in addition to capturing flies and bugs, also capture positive energies that enter your home and foster them (such as luck!); and aloe vera, which is an amazingly versatile medicinal plant that is great for treating cuts and burns, in addition to a multitude of other uses.

Cleansing your home or personal space is incredibly important to your emotional and spiritual health. Spaces will absorb energies that enter into it and can linger for years and years. The energies of the people who lived there before you and previous guests can stagnate. These energies can easily effect you immediately or the longer you stay in that space.

A great, popular way of cleansing your space is smudging (burning) sage or another dried herb known for it’s cleansing properties. Burning incense or oils in a diffuser are also popular for cleansing of energies. However, my favorite way of cleansing my home is creating specific blends of oils and herbs that I can spray throughout the space in order to cleanse it and rejuvenate the space with my intentions. Below, I’ll share with you a recipe for my new favorite mix:

Hearth & Home Essential Oil Spray

This Hearth and Home spray is crafted with essential oils to bring abundance and balance to your home. I add into the bottle a small clear quartz crystal charged to bring protection and peace. The spray has the purifying properties of patchouli and sage to cleanse your space of negative energies. It has a light mixture of woody, herbaceous, and floral scents. My girlfriend describes it as a light mint scent, although there is no mint in the mixture.

To craft this spray you will need:
4 oz dark colored, glass spray bottle
A small bowl
3 tbsp vodka (I substituted Bacardi rum since it’s a similar 80 proof)
12 tbsp distilled water (You can boil tap water to purify it, or use a home filter)
3 drops Bergamot essential oil
5 drops Sage essential oil
2 drops Patchouli essential oil
15 drops Lavender essential oil
25 drops Jasmine essential oil

This mixture will promote kindness, communication, bliss, successful relationships, and defense to your space.

In the small bowl, add in the vodka and distilled water. Then add the essential oils, mixing in between each essential oil addition. Pour your mixture into the spray bottle. Add in a small clear quartz crystal cleared and charged with your intention, if you’d like/have one on hand. The crystal is not necessary.

Shake up the mixture before each use, and store the bottle in a dry space away from sunlight and humidity.

You now have your Hearth & Home essential oil spray! Never apply pure essential oils directly to the skin. This spray is diluted, and therefore should be safe for skin contact.¬†Please be cautious with those who may have allergies or sensitivities. If you’d like to purchase this spray, it will be available in my Etsy shop soon!

Please do share below if you have some additional ways you craft your magickal spaces!