Shhh… it’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s QUEER PROM!

This weekend I attended DADT’s Queer Prom. DADT is a major queer event night here in Boston with a multitude of different themed nights ranging from 90’s night to Techno Raves. However there is one yearly event that I’ve been looking forward to finally attending, Queer Prom. Now, my high school prom was a major disaster in my book. To awkward dates and horrible hair spray issues (who knew hairspray and sweat don’t mix well?), I was less than happy with my prom. So the chance to redo the night with my fantastic rad friends and a space full of gorgeous queers was more than exciting.

Also, I finally got an excuse to wear this gown pictured below. I found this while on a thrifting spree with a good friend of mine. This black satin beaded dress was a beautiful $15! Thank you Boomerangs!

ootn 3.26.16

Apologies for the blurry photos. We hard started the party a little early… -cough-
Funny thing I just realized, this dress is the same color scheme as my actual high school prom dress!

BTW: Boomerangs is an awesome non-profit thrift store that donates proceeds from the sale of its items (all donated) to AIDS Action!

My lovely friends also looked fantastic last night. The cutest dates to prom.

kelly and juliebecca and kelly




So here’s the rundown:

Venue | The night was held, per usual, at Great Scott in Allston which is basically a dive bar. The bar is a comfortable size, not too small but also not very spacious. The drinks are probably the cheapest I’ve had in Boston, $6 for a gin and tonic!

Music | I can dance to basically anything with a beat, so I was a fan of the electronic, house sounds of the night. However, my friends were less than thrilled at the lack of hip-hop and current pop songs.

The people | DADT always attracts the best. Everyone is friendly and, usually, non-judgemental. I got tons of compliments on my dress- so that was a pretty huge plus.

Entertainment | The drag queens at the event were STELLAR! Raquel Supreeze started the night off with throw-backs to Madonna. Her energetic performance was a perfect start to the show. What came next was a huge surprise to pretty much everyone in the venue- Qya Cristal sang live, a feat that, as the MC mentioned, not many drag queens can do! And she sounded amazing singing her rendition of “There are Worst Things I Could Do” from Grease! I wish I had gotten better footage. And, lastly, Severity Stone killed it (literally) which she “devoured” a man on stage and ended with Kesha’s “Cannibal”. Her performance made my life.


Raquel SupreezeSeverity Stone

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