Nicolette Manson for ModCloth – “Cool, Contemporary Style” for Femmes of all shapes and sizes

As a huge fan of ModCloth, I couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration. Nicolette Mason has teamed up with ModCloth to create amazing seemingly femme-inspired pieces that range from unabashedly girly to edgy-androdynous. Nicolette’s, as a fashion blogger as well, philosophy on body diversity in fashion is one of inclusion. Her clothing line aims to provide pieces that are inclusive and for everyone. Teaming up with Dannielle Owens-Reid from, and fashion bloggers Christina Topacio and Gabi Gregg to create Nicolette’s “All Girl Gang”, the girls modeled the new clothing line in this fun video:

Talk about having a massive shopper’s crush on this line. I literally want to own every piece. The line has been available to purchase on ModCloth’s website since early October. You can shop the 11-piece collab here.

ModCloth_GirlGang-06_BW(Photos and Video property of

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