TREND ALERT: Varsity Jackets

So this post was prompted by a humorous post I came across on Tumblr. The post features gifs of three lesbian television characters all wearing a similar version of a maroon varsity jacket with black sleeves with commentary below it asking if this was the new “lesbian uniform” and that yes it was the new required uniform as of August 14th (obviously all of this is in good humor).

lesbianuniform1 8/20/14As funny and sarcastic as all this is, varsity jackets are becoming somewhat of a trend recently. Taking a feminine play on what is traditionally considered a masculine clothing item, varsity jackets have become a classic go-to item for those chilly days when you want to look laid-back or sporty yet still somewhat dressed up. Take this jacket featured on Nylon magazine’s online blog for example:


Floral Varsity Jacket by Married to the Mob | $160 at #NYLONshop

Varsity jackets are an incredibly versatile item. Throw them on top of a cropped or fitted t-shirt or a basic racerback tank-top with jeans and you have a comfortable yet cool outfit.

Or if you’re interesting in the new “lesbian uniform” or just really like the maroon and black combination, you can find a version of those jackets at Forever 21!

TAvarsityjacket2 8/20/14

Faux Leather Varsity Jacket | $39.80 at Forever 21

Oh, and check out the first review left for this jacket at F21. It seems like the “lesbian uniform” joke has spread pretty wide. Maybe we should actually take this into consideration? Leme know what you think. Maybe we’ll start seeing tons of femmes out and about in maroon and black varsity jackets soon.

What do you think about this trend?


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